"Tastes Like Childhood"

Gannon C.

Our Story

Today, we are the eighth generation of patrons to own The Candy Kitchen and call home. It’s all still there… the walnut booths trimmed in marble and glass…the beautiful mirrored walls… the leaded glass lamps over each booth… even up to the intricately designed stamped tin ceiling Gus installed in 1913. And last but not least, the marble soda fountain was updated and installed in 1951, where many a small child (and adult) has had their sweet tooth satisfied!

During your visit, tour The Candy Kitchen Museum dedicated to our history, the town of Wilton and the railroad. You can also shop a sampling of gift items and collectibles courtesy of LorLen Candles, Gifts, and Antiques, also located in Wilton.

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"Would always get a chocolate coke& listen to the jukebox! Still have to have a chocolate coke when I take the grandkids there! Good Memories."
Annette H.
"The Candy Kitchen reminds me that history doesn't have to. be forgotten"
Steve T.