LorLen Candles, Gifts and Antiques

LorLen’s gift shop not only offers hand-poured candles (from our shop here in Wilton) and candle accessories, but is also home to many antiques and unique gifts for every occasion and season, including Willow Tree Angels, home & garden accessories, homemade soaps, quilts, and collectibles of all kinds. You will also find many Iowa-made products including pottery, ceramics, handmade jewelry, Amish Baskets, and much more…

LorLen Candles Story

LorLen Candles, Gifts and Antiques was established in Wilton, Iowa in 1998 by Lori (Shugar) White and Lenore (Gricol) Brammeier. When established, the shop was named LorLen Candles, a name created by combining Lori and Lenore’s names.
These two friends discovered it was difficult to find a quality candle which met their expectations and so they began to research what it would take to make their own long lasting fragrant candle. They found most candles were factory made and the fragrance often quickly diminished long before the candle would be completely burned. The hand-made candle market was wide-open and so Lori and Lenore set out to make candles whose fragrance was long-lasting from the first time you light them to the last.
The high standards set by Lori and Lenore continue today. LorLen Candles are made from 100% soy wax combined with the finest fragrances available. Using soy wax supports the American farmer, is non-toxic, clean-burning, and environmentally friendly. Soy wax burns at lower temperatures than petroleum-based wax candles, which ensures the aroma of your LorLen Candle to be consistent and long-lasting throughout its life. You can also be assured of a more even-burning candle that produces little to no smoke or soot, with minimal wax residue.
At LorLen Candles, we are committed to preserving and protecting the environment and have used soy wax to produce our quality candles since 2001.
Lynn and Brenda Ochiltree were proud to carry on the tradition of LorLen when they purchased the business in 2007. Since taking ownership, the Ochiltree’s have continued the tradition of producing high-quality candles as well as introducing a increased line of home decor as well as a unique variety of curated antiques and collectibles.

"Beautiful bespoke store with treasures and antiques for everyone, scented candles made on-site. Everything in it is awesome!"
Gary J.

LorLen Candles, Gifts and Antiques at the Candy Kitchen!

Stop in to see what we have for you at the Candy Kitchen and stay up to date for monthly events featuring LorLen hand-poured candles available at our new Antique Shop location!