Candy Kitchen Nominated A Second Time for USA Today's Best Candy Store in America...


By Wafaa Ezzat - Published: Jun. 3, 2024 at 12:30 PM CDT

WILTON, Iowa (KWQC) - One of Iowa’s oldest and most cherished businesses is once again making headlines. The Wilton Candy Kitchen, a beloved establishment in Wilton, Iowa, has been nominated once again for USA Today’s Best Candy Store in America.

“There’s a lot of people that walk through our doors who’ve never experienced a soda Fountain before. And that’s fun to show them what this is about,” said Lynn Ochiltree, Owner of Wilton Candy Kitchen.

Wilton Candy Kitchen is more than just a candy store. It’s a living piece of history.

“Our history goes back to 1860. When there was a confectionery in this business started by R.A. McIntyre, a Wilton pioneer. And that continued through and then of soda fountain was put in in the 1880s. And so we continue a long line of history, about 164 years,” said Ochiltree.

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