Special Guests

From locals to politicians and the rich and famous, every year the Candy Kitchen receives visitors from all 50 states - and even other countries! Two of it's most famous visitors were legendary actor Gregory Peck and actress Brooke Shields. Both stopped by our shop in the 1990's. Current Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has also made several stops at the Wilton Candy Kitchen during both of his terms.

To see images of some of the Candy Kitchen’s special guests, click on the virtual booklet below containing excerpts from the book Our Town Speaks, Wilton Iowa 1855-2005, a Compilation of History and Anthologies by Thelma J. Nopoulos.
To use: Mouse over booklet and click on "View in Fullscreen." Flip through the pages using the arrow keys or clicking on the edges of the page, and click anywhere on the screen to bring the text in closer. Move your mouse to scan the page. To zoom back out, click again.
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